Natural Language Playlist

AI mixtapes generated with language-powered search!

Logging in with Spotify generates playlists on your account and improves the algorithm!

Tips for Better Results

  • Focus on musical and cultural features: The model excels at understanding musical and cultural features like genre, lyrical meaning, sonics, and vibes. Specific artist names or track names might not yield the best results; a standard text-based search could be more effective for those.
  • Use clear, positive language for better understanding: Negations are challenging for the model. Instead of writing 'rock songs that are not loud', write 'rock songs that are quiet'.

Examples of Playlist Descriptions

  • Use obscure genres and hyper-specific lyrical themes: "Midwest Emo songs to cry in the shower to because my girlfriend broke up with me."
  • Use adjectives to describe your playlist and use multiple sentences: "Absolutely unlistenable songs. Music that doesn't even sound like music."
  • Describe the musical features of your playlist: "Very danceable, positive mood, fast tempo, high energy, songs for lovers."


Abelardo Riojas, the Creator of Natural Language Playlist

I am a passionate 23-year-old Data Science graduate student and "music dude" who spent the majority of his adolescence on forums dicussing songs and learning the landscape of music throughout history. Natural Language Playlist is an exploration of my past, morphed into a tool that mirrors how I envision a perfect playlist.

This projects explores the intricate and complex relationship between language, music, and culture. I curated a dataset of textual song metadata that allows me to construct playlists with an understanding of each song's musical and cultural traits. Natural Language Playlist is the tool for people who love discovering new music. For music lovers, by a music lover!

Thanks for reading all of this and using Natural Language Playlist.

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