Natural Language Playlist

AI generated mixtapes!

Beta Version 2.0. Made by Abelardo Riojas.

I'm a Data Science grad student looking for a job in the music industry! Hire me!


Use obscure genres and hyper-specific lyrical themes!

"Midwest Emo songs to cry in the shower to because my girlfriend broke up with me"

Use adjectives that describe your playlist and use multiple sentences!

"Absolutely unlistenable songs. Music that doesn't even sound like music."

Describe the musical features of your playlist!

"Very danceable, positive mood, fast tempo, high energy, songs for lovers."

How popular should your song be? What era, decade or year is it from?

"Extremely popular pop rock from the early 1980s."


Abelardo Riojas, the Creator of Natural Language Playlist

I am a passionate 23-year-old Data Science graduate student who is deeply committed to connecting people with new and extraordinary music. This website serves as a platform to showcase my capabilities and demonstrate my dedication to this endeavor. Discovering new music can be a challenging task, and my primary objective is to make this experience excitng for people.

Through Natural Language Playlist, I explore the intricate and complex relationship between language and music. By utilizing sentence embeddings, I curated a dataset of textual song metadata that allows me to construct playlists with an understanding of each song's musical and cultural traits. Every musical tag associated with a song carries a unique interpretation of its sonic and cultural contributions.

I firmly believe that language and music are inherently intertwined and that music is all about context. That being said, I find the prospect of working with the Human Genome Project data to be an exhilarating playground for my ideas. Particularly, the advancements in language chaining APIs, such as LangChain, have further fueled my excitement for exploring this intersection of language and music.

If you want to follow this project, I post about it a lot on Instagram! @notabelardoriojas

Any business or professional inquiries you can connect with me via:

Email: ariojas@utexas.edu or Linkedin :)

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