Natural Language Playlist

AI generated mixtapes!

Beta Version 2.0. Made by Abelardo Riojas.

Adding "lyrics" to your query enables lyrical theme search!

I'm a Data Science grad student looking for a job in the music industry! Hire me!


Use obscure genres and hyper-specific lyrical themes!

"Midwest Emo songs to cry in the shower to because my girlfriend broke up with me"

Use adjectives that describe your playlist and use multiple sentences!

"Absolutely unlistenable songs. Music that doesn't even sound like music."

Describe the musical features of your playlist!

"Very danceable, positive mood, fast tempo, high energy, songs for lovers."

How popular should your song be? What era, decade or year is it from?

"Extremely popular pop rock from the early 1980s."


Abelardo Riojas, the Creator of Natural Language Playlist

Why did you make this?

If there's anything I want to do with my career, it's connect people to new, awesome music. I'm a 23 year old Data Science grad student and "chronically online music nerd" obssessed with musical metadata and this website is my way of showing the world what I am capable of. Finding new music is hard, and I want to make the process easy and exciting for people.

Natural Language Playlist explores the rich and complex relationship between language and music and uses Transformer language models to build playlists. Music recommendation is something that is “locked behind closed doors” for lack of a better term. You have to wait a week for your songs, find the right song radio, or hope that an algorithm spits out what you’re looking for. By giving you direct query access to intelligent music recommendations, I hope that I can broaden your musical horizons and get you bumping to some good tunes.

If you're looking to support me and this project, I have applied for an internship at Spotify and I'm looking to make some noise about that to help me stand out. A tweet @LifeAtSpotify about how awesome I am and how they should totally hire me would be great.

Something like:

@LifeAtSpotify Abelardo Riojas is a Data Science wizard who needs to intern for you guys! Hire him!

Would be great! Thank you. 😌

If you want to follow this project, I post about it a lot on Instagram! @notabelardoriojas

Any business or professional inquiries you can connect with me via:

Email: ariojas@utexas.edu or Linkedin :)

If you're an independent music artist who wants to feature your songs on Natural Language Playlist, click here!

A big thank you to Alex for upgrading the CSS and HTML to be less cringe inducing to any serious web developer.

Alex Pelta, Front-End Designer

Full Stack Software Engineer utilizing different library frameworks such as React, jQuery.

I've developed websites, mobile applications, blockchain games, and utilized AI technology.

Collaborating with Abelardo on this project has been a rewarding and very cool experience.

Here is my Linkedin for any inquiries.